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Posted by tleemay on April 06, 2001 at 18:38:20:

In Reply to: Re: A Suprise NAUI Board Nomination: whozzat? posted by AADIVER on April 06, 2001 at 17:26:38:


Here's the search on who Dr. Wienke is. I'm
suprised you don't know Frank as his name has
been bantered around here off and on for some
time in discussions on the RGBM and his direct
analysis of a recent NAUI Conference discussion
of mixed gas diving (including Nitrox). I recall
you, MHK, Michael Blitch, and myself discussing
him and his research on the GE end of last year
during that infamous 'meeting of the mouths'.

Here's a further set of references with the most
complete at the top;

BTW Frank, what were those other BBS's and lists
you advised were having such heated discussions
on the steel wet/dry issues? Remember this;

I happen to be doing some research and really
wanted to get the participants of those BBS's and
lists input outside of the rec.scuba(.*), BBS, national,
the Rodales BBS, BBS, the NAUI
Instructor's Consortium list, DIRQuest List,
Brown University's SCUBA-L, WKPP list, VB-Tech
list, Techdivers-CA list, NE-Techdivers list,
PNW-Techdiver list, and the SCDC-SCUBA lists. I
intend to search each site you reference as
required to get a real world cross section sample
of what people position is and why - pro or con.

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