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Posted by randy54 on April 07, 2001 at 09:15:20:

Just finished reading reefseekers april news letter. I got to tell you I'm proud to be an American! Not only that, but I work for the Navy, and say Give Catalina hell! Personaly, I think they should put targets on all the unoccupied houses so the Navy can show off their precision bombing! And since I live so far from the ocean, the extra oil from the Farnsworth Bank will hold down gas prices, and I'm all for that. As far as the new fish go, who cares? like we don't have enough fish in the ocean. Cann't go diving anywhere without they don't get in your way. Like those big black bass, there I was trying to take a picture of the neat rock, when a 5ft black bass came along and kept getting in between me and the rock. Took five minutes to get rid of that pesky fish. Oh, you think I'm falling for those phony dive trips and that "Chamber Day" thing? Get real! By the way, put me down for one of those Nitrox Snorkels. What will sience think of next! =:\ (this is a test. if this had been a real message it would have talked about something inteligent).

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