Challenge is at . . . $11,000!!!

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Posted by Chamber Day 2001 on April 09, 2001 at 10:27:37:

Now THIS is what we'd call "Doing It Right" . . .

Three of Michael's buddies (in diving and "real" life) have decided they'd like to be the ones to push Michael past the $10K mark and EACH of them has stepped up with a $1000 donation!!!!!

When we last left our story, we were at $8000. Kendal Raine, Troy Bagwell, and Terry May wanted to be the ones to push Michael over the edge (metaphorically speaking). Their combined donations (and generosity) now take the Michael Kane $10K Chamber Challenge to $11,000. We want to take a moment to thank Kendal, Troy, and Terry, along with ALL the other donors, for helping us reach our initial goal.

But that doesn't mean this ends here.

Last year, we were able to raise almost $22,000 when all was said and done. We'd certainly like to hit that mark or even surpass it this year. Michael, along with those who have contributed so far, certainly recognize the need for a Chamber available to us on a 24/7/365 basis. And those of us who dive is SoCal, due to the nature of the way the funding for our Chamber is structured, MUST be willing to kick in a few bucks here and there to ensure that the hyperbaric safety net so many divers have come to reply upon, is available to us year-round. The chances of you needing our Chamber are slim, but if you do . . .

So let's keep the ball rolling!!!! Michael's initial $10K along with the $11K we've raised so far hopefully provides the seed and impetus for YOU to make a donation too. We've still got over three weeks to go so we ask what we always do in these cases . . .

WHO'S NEXT???????

The Chamber Day 2001 Committee
(Updated & posted as of 4/9/01 10:15AM - last posted 4/6/01 9:30AM)

TOTAL TO DATE - $11,000

New contributors:
1. Kendal Raine ($1000)
2. Troy Bagwell ($1000)
3. Terry May ($1000)

Donors to date:
*** GOLD ($1000 and up) ***
NAUI (National Association of Underwater Instructors)
PADI (Professional Association of Diving Instructors)
Don Lake
Mike Emmerman & Patricia Stockhausen
Kendal Raine
Troy Bagwell
Terry May

*** SILVER ($500 and up) ***
Reef Seekers Dive Co.
Scuba Schools of America - Montclair
Jim Krasne

*** BRONZE ($100 and up) ***
Sand Dollar Diving Charters
Lost Patrol Dive Club
Niki Dantine
Sarasue Essenpries
Dr. Robert Rhodes
Jeff Hunter
Brad Calaway
Saint Brendan Corp./California Diving News
Jeanne Bear Sleeper
The Sea Divers
Sharon Wallin & Nixie Smith
George & Fran Ollweiler
Gary Romanik
Frank Farmer
Barnacle Busters
Randy Barker
Warren Iliff
Stephen F. Kenney
Joe Takahashi
Bret Marquis
Louis W. Weisberg, MD
Malibu Divers
Beth Clark

Other contributors (less than $100)
Arno Dienhart
Barbara Bridges

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