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Posted by MHK on April 09, 2001 at 12:26:13:

In Reply to: Re: Questioning DIR's reason to donate the primary second ... posted by tleemay on April 09, 2001 at 11:48:39:

Terry as you know I no longer bother opening EINS' posts but reading your snip I remebered why ;-)

But anyway he wrote:

Arno wrote;

"In every explanation, DIR talks about the reason
being that the primary is proven to work. I always
had a feeling that something is wrong with that
explanation, and now I know why:"

I'm confident that I would be laughing my as* off if I read the explanation of him now knowing why, but if he would spend half as much of his time trying to learn the system as he does trying to condem it he would be better off..

From what I can tell of this thread it is yet another example of verbal gymnastics...

I guess DIR used the wrong word when we said *proven* to be working..

I don't know Terry maybe you can help me, if it is working, and I know it is because I'm breathing it, and you are OOA what reg would you want me to give to you????

The one that is PROVEN ( as in working at the very moment you need it the most ) or another one????????

Perhaps we should have been more long winded and said the currently functioning regulator that appears based upon all evidence to be properly functioning at the exact time a stressed diver in an out of air situation politely asks me for air and then I'll contemplate my options, field test the available resources and then provide a possible solution...

Maybe that is how we should word it as opposed to simply saying..

* I'll donate a PROVEN regulator*.. Talk about KISS...

I can't for the life of me understand why some want to add variables to a situation that can ill afford a variable...

You need air, you get it... Anything more than that is stupid and a waste of bandwidth..

God forbid we make this stuff simple, why would someone want to convolute this idea and spend countless hours wondering why and what's wrong with it????

Please Terry help me because it makes ABSOLUTELY no sense..


PS. Terry will you explain that AIRII's are a waste of money, they are an added failure point, they fail more than any other piece of equipment and if your lp inflator hose freeflows or get's nicked inside a wreck that you've lost your back up reg.. Would you also explain that by using an Air II that in a real life OOA emergency that it is best to look the OOA diver in the eye, you'll need flexibility to look around, to calm him down and too look up so you don't surface under a moving boat and that if you have all of a few inches to breathe off of an AIR II that you loose all these options...

Please explain that as well...


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