Chamber Day

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Posted by MHK on April 11, 2001 at 12:00:17:

I'm grateful that many have jumped at the chance to contribute in some way to the Chamber day/evening/challenge. All of us involved appreciate the contributions but as the final few weeks begin to count down I wanted to take the opportunity to focus your attention on the event..

All of the events would amount to absolutely nothing if it weren't for the active participation of the dive community. In short the success of this event depends upon the involvement of everyone..

We are somewhat behind schedule in terms of a comparisson between this years projected revenue and last years revenue at this point...

While the outward appearances look positive and a good final push can certainly bring us over last years totals, it is time for everyone to make the commitement to help.

60% of the funding comes from governmental agencies but the remaining needs to be raised from alternative means, ie; Chamber Day...

Some of the boats have had sceduling conflicts and as such the boat revenue will be down from last year and we still have plenty of seats left at the evening event. For those with non-diving spouses and/or family members the evening event represents a wonderful opportunity to bring the entire family to the Aquarium and not have to wait in lines to explore all the wonderful tanks that are set up.. The evening has in the past proven to be a great night, a lot of fun and a great opportunity to get the non-diver's involved....

Similiarly, for those that have not yet seen the raffle prize list take a look. Billy and Rusty have topped themselves this year.. Every year I don't think they can get better than last year but sure enough they do.. The list is incredible, we aren't talking about some cheap stuff here we're talking about rebreather's, regulator's, BP' and wings etc. etc.. Maybe Ken will post the list here but rest assured the list is impressive..

Lastly, the event that is near and dear to my heart, is in fact the annual opportunity to have the diving community seperate me from my money.. We all have a bunch of fun on these lists and I'll bet ( $10,000 ;-)) that there is more than one person out there that doesn't agree with me on one or two issues and perhaps they would like to help show a lowly little stroke like me a lesson and make me pay out.. Now's your chance.. It's a lot like that last scene in the movie Grease when the gym teacher fails all the main characters and requires them to go to summer school. At the final Fair they have a booth that says throw a pir in his face to help raise money, here you get it one better...

Call 310-652-4990 and get involved... Remeber it is your chamber and hopefuly no one will ever need it but it is nice to know its there if you ever do..


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