Re: Immortal Diver?

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Posted by MHK on April 18, 2001 at 10:41:13:

In Reply to: Re: Immortal Diver? posted by seahunt on April 17, 2001 at 17:02:53:


A non-DIR diver asks you to discuss your way of diving and rather than take the opportunity to address the issue all you do is talk about me...

Must be you have NOTHING of value to advance..

If you want to talk about attention starved try looking in the mirror. You write endless stories that go on and on and on and on and on and then plug your website at every opportunity...

FTR, this is a list to discuss diving and gear and gases are a very important aspect of diving so what the hell is your problem with that?????

Just because you choose to dive recklessly doesn't mean that others should follow...

You may not what ( or how ) I advance my beliefs, but the fact of the matter is that my way of diving is significantly safer than your way of diving. If you can't handle that, or if I say it to harshly for your delicate and fragile feelings than too bad.... You are such a hypocrite.. You get on here all the time and take shot after shot at me and DIR all the time but then cry like a whining 3 year old any time someone takes an opposing viewpoint. You have set yourself up as some type of protector or some other such nonsense, but yet offer NOTHING of value to back up your positions..

You claim to be diving for 30 years and have 3000+ dives, if I had been diving for 30 years and knew as little about the sport as you do I'd be embarrased..

I started diving in 1987 and have about 2000 dives but yet try every day to continue to learn about diving, about new and different ways to safely complete a dive, and try and learn about techniques that can help me to safelt do things..

You on the other hand represent a very serious problem amongst experienced divers.. You simply stopped learning, and worse yet have a superiority complex and think that because you have a bunch of dives under your belt that you are in a position to offer, in a public forum, advise to newer diver how to dive..

You blindly rely on a computer, you dive overweighted and need to continually move to prevent yourself from landing on the bottom and you have, by your own admission, not put safety as your top priority...

These are dangerous combinations, but yet we offer a system of diving that puts safety first and you denounce it as inapplicable... Nonsense, as usual from you...


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