about twice each year I see someone get caught in line

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Posted by RaiderKarl on April 19, 2001 at 16:10:58:

In Reply to: Re: Line Cutter posted by kelphead on April 18, 2001 at 21:41:43:

the last time i saw someone get caught in line, it was an OWSI who I was D/M-ing for a few weeks ago. he got rolled up in his own marker buoy line. since it was an expensive marker buoy, i didnt want to break his heart by cutting him free, so i pulled him to the shore where he could wade in and untangle himself. he was also carrying a weight belt at the time, owned by the store, checked out to him, dropped by a student in the class.

the time before that when i saw someone caught up in line it was my buddy and me both caught up. it was about 10 months ago, and i had been stupid enough to leave my dive knife behind because the woman i was diving with doesnt like knives. we were diving along a breakwater, she got caught in the line, i helped her get untangled, and just as I managed to get her free, the fisherman on the breakwater detected the subtle movement on his line and jerked on it really hard, hand cuffing both my hands in it while my dive buddy swam away oblivious. the hook caught on my wrist compass, scratched the luminous lubber line, and wasted a perfectly good $90 ScubaPro compass. i rewrapped the fishing line around my other hand several times to give me enough leverage to fight the fisherman while i untangled myself alone. the whole while, i was wishing i had my trusty dive knife with me in the first place rather than this woman as a dive buddy. i dont dive with her anymore, and i always wear TWO dive knives now, to wit, a large titanium one in a scabbard on my B/C, and a smaller backup strapped inverted to my upper left arm.

we are each the sum of our own experiences, and ignorance is certainly bliss, so long as you survive it when "stuff" happens.

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