Thanks Marta & A Challenge for Chris

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Posted by tleemay on April 20, 2001 at 12:11:20:

In Reply to: Re: Wet Suit diving with a Steel Tank posted by msblucow on April 20, 2001 at 02:31:29:

Thanks for reminding those less informed Marta.
At least you are listening to the information as
a whole and not parsing out what you either do not
understand or accept as being done in reality.

Chris appears to be applying both - including
labeling it's promoters and practioneers as
'fanatics', 'mindless' and 'idiotic drones'. He
has also labeled their practices as 'ludicrous',
'stupid' and 'nonsense'... and that's just in the
last two days. Oh well, anything to generate a click on his site
I suppose... gotta bill out those uniques to get
the cash and/or batrer.

A challenge to Chris - I will pay for half the
cost of your class with Walker - money back
guarantee or not. Unless you have a complete
grasp on what is trying to be accomplished in a
DIR configuration and applying DIR phylosophies
in the activity, you above all people should not
have any comment on what is or is not appropraite
to DIR diving.

If you feel that there is nothing you could
possibly learn from such a class, then write a
'white paper' on your view of DIR and it's
configuration/phylosophies and how they do not
apply to you on a year round basis. Show us what
you really understand about DIR. Do it in proper
'white paper' form, then post a URL where people
who wish to properly discuss the point can
access it (or put it here on the BBS - now THAT
will generate some all important uniques!).
In this response, everyone will then understand
what it is exactly you do not understand. All
of this assumption on your part is beginning to
look rather comical.

Chris, in the last two days, your comments have
been rather de-constructive - something you have
trying NOT to promote on YOUR BBS... or has your
priority suddenly changed? People ask, and those
with the knowlege being sought are responsing -
newbies and pros alike.

You write here and publically denounce a product line
like Halcyon because they do not make the backplate
you prefer to dive with. One of your own advertisers
on this BBS sells the Halcyon line. Too bad you
don't patronize your clients' own marketing
campaign... I mean, you do take $'s from them to
banner advertise on the BBS's and associated
webistes, right? Or are the scruples off the table when
it comes to making money and providing this BBS?
(there are BBS's out there that don't sell ads to
be viewed by it's participants). What's really funny
about your last faux paux is that Halcyon has and
will make a ABS backplate if you want one. They
just don't have a heavy demand for them when the
alum is beefier and only about 2 lbs neg.

Enough for now, I'm off to Vegas for a spell for
some work. I hope to see your 'white paper' in
public view for all to see.

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