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Posted by John Walker on April 20, 2001 at 13:53:43:

In Reply to: Re: Your answer - posted by AADIVER on April 20, 2001 at 10:39:15:

Hahahahaha. Frank you are such an idiot. If I told you to jump into a pool of sharks, would you? Don't lie to the group here and say that I told you that a the deep air card was required for mixes other than 32-36.

When you were diving with me the standard EANx card was given for just those two mixtures. The Advanced EANx card was given to divers who completed the more advanced studies of EANx and typically after the "Deep Air" program that was taught in depth of no greater than 130fsw. "Deep Air" is where you were taught deeper diving techniques and Advanced EANx was more for an advanced comprehension of the use of nitrox.

You have attempted to make it sound as though I did dives beyond the rated depths with you in a structured course. I did dive once with you and Gerry on the Tuna Clipper. Remember I was a guest not your instructor. That was in no fasion a class dive and you were informed of that.

I did dive with you on the Ace One (120fsw) the Olympic (100fsw) and the Moody (140 fsw in the sand). You are either loosing your memory or on the sauce again.

I certified you because you are a c-card collector and that was the only way I could get you to shut up. And you did pass the test.

There was never a formal class. If you think your going to play wack the mole with me I will warn you that this mole will take the bat from you and wack you back. So do your self a favor, put down the sauce and leave the key board alone.


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