Challenge Passes $19,000!!!!

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Posted by The Chamber Day Committee on April 27, 2001 at 10:59:00:

We're getting closer!!!!!!

Closer not only to Chamber Day and Chamber Evening (May 2 . . . just in case it had somehow passed your notice) but also closer to cracking $20,000 on the Michael Kane $10K Chamber Challenge.

WHO WILL STEP FORWARD AND PUT US OVER $20,000????????? You all know this is for a worthy cause. What does it take to get your COMMITTED to this event?

We had an interesting comment from a donor the other day. He said he never paid much attention tot Chamber Day because he "knew" he'd never need to go into a Chamber. But then he came up from a seemingly routine dive a month ago and was very scared to realize that his right hand was numb. Needless to say, this was a wake-up call. And luckily for him, the numbness was being caused by a new-not-trimmed-back-enough wrist seal on his drysuit. But . . .

What's YOUR excuse for not getting involved? Because whatever it is, it's bogus. While you can make a statistical argument that the chances of YOU ever needing the Chamber are slim, the reality of diving in Southern California is that within the next 12 months, someone YOU know will need to be treated in our Chamber.

YOUR donation makes a difference. YOUR support helps keep the Chamber going. YOUR indifference does not bode well to keep this vital safety net for Southern California divers healthy.

We are less than a week away from Chamber Day. It's time to get off the fence. Give us a call at 310/652-4990, or e-mail us at "" and make your donation. You DO make a difference and we can't do it without you.

WHO'S NEXT????????

The Chamber Day Committee
(Updated & posted as of 4/27/01 10:45AM - last posted 4/25/01 1:30PM)

TOTAL TO DATE - $19,350

New contributors:
1. Anonymous ($100)
2. Hyman Herbst ($100)
3. Tony Hanna ($100)
4. Sport Chalet ($500)
5. Douglas Dive Club ($200)
6. Dive ‘N Surf ($200)
7. Norman & Marilyn Deathridge ($200)
8. Gloria Salick ($500)
9. Miss Stevens ($400)

Donors to date:
*** GOLD ($1000 and up) ***
NAUI (National Association of Underwater Instructors)
PADI (Professional Association of Diving Instructors)
Don Lake
Mike Emmerman & Patricia Stockhausen
Kendal Raine
Troy Bagwell
Terry May
David Houck

*** SILVER ($500 and up) ***
Reef Seekers Dive Co.
Scuba Schools of America - Montclair
Jim Krasne
Mom’s the Word
Sport Chalet
Gloria Salick

*** BRONZE ($100 and up) ***
Sand Dollar Diving Charters
Lost Patrol Dive Club
Niki Dantine
Sarasue Essenpries
Dr. Robert Rhodes
Jeff Hunter
Brad Calaway
California Diving News
Jeanne Bear Sleeper
The Sea Divers
Sharon Wallin & Nixie Smith
George & Fran Ollweiler
Gary Romanik
Frank Farmer
Barnacle Busters
Randy Barker
Warren Iliff
Stephen F. Kenney
Joe Takahashi
Bret Marquis
Louis W. Weisberg, MD
Malibu Divers
Beth Clark
Scott & Cindy Stolnitz
Kathryn Kempton
California Wreck Divers
Angi Froehlich
Robert & Laura Mosqueda
West Coast Divers Supply
Scuba Toys
Studio Divers Supply
Hal Wells
Ocean Adventures Dive Co.
Tom Wetzel
Daryl Silverstein
Karen Mastro
Bob Searles
AB Sea Photo
Sundance Apparel
Catalina Scuba Luv
Laguna Sea Sports
John Lumb
Ann McCourt
Bonnie Cardone
Richard Tyler
Scuba Haus
Christine Ryback
John Wentworth
Roger & Sandy Shervington
Laguna Sea Dweller Dive Club
Central Pacific Dive Expeditions
Pat & Charlotte McDuffee
Hyman Herbst
Tony Hanna
Douglas Dive Club
Dive ‘N Surf
Norman & Marilyn Deathridge
Miss Stevens

Other contributors (less than $100)
Arno Dienhart
Barbara Bridges
Cindy Leatherwood
Roy & Linda Houston

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