Re: Is it possible that you are really this stupid???

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Posted by Steve on May 04, 2001 at 00:22:47:

In Reply to: Re: Is it possible that you are really this stupid??? posted by John Walker on May 03, 2001 at 23:05:30:

"Steve, let me ask you, does your computor know the difference between your physiology and the next guy who buys one."

I realize that the setpoint is to a more conservative benchmark than I could use but I'm happy with that.

"You said that most of you weekend warriors can't take a risk of getting bent. How does the computor limit that? Does it have a probe that you stick into you body somewhere?"

Mine is based on the RGBM lastest alogarithim. It measure N2 loading based on time and depth. It reports back to me when I have a virtual ceiling or when it is safe to exit the water.

"Does the computor know how much O2 or N2 your absorbing"


"Is there some way for your computor to tell if you are hydrated properly?"

No and it doesn't tell me when to go to the bathroom either. I hydrate when I'm thirsty.

"The best option in my opinion is to not get use to relying on a computor and learn something about decompression theory v.s. your own physiology"

Thank you for your opinion but I respectfully disagree. I have taken my best option and use a modern dive computer that monitors N2 and O2. It can handle deco dives 21%-50% O2 and has a O2 clock installed. I am studing deco theory in addition to the training I already had. I will upload my profiles to DAN so scientists and doctors can further study the practical application of the alogarithims as they work in the real world. I will if possible get involved with doppler studies. I can switch to tables on the fly and I have the NDL for my depths nailed.

" You will need to take some courses to get this, and I am sure you will see the light of why relying on a computor is not such a good thing"

I disagree again, the computer is a good learning tool, I can study my profile and send them to scientists who can also validate data for future tweaking of the alogarithims. Maybe you will see the light on why I think they are a good thing? I believe that the use of dive computers do reduce DCS.

"If a computor would keep me from getting bent then I would use one all the time. Hell, I've been bent following a computor directions more than once."

Feel free to share the details. Depth, bottom time, chamber treatment, gas used.


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