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Posted by MHK on May 09, 2001 at 16:20:47:

In Reply to: Re: Nonsense............. nt posted by Max Bottomtime on May 09, 2001 at 12:29:42:


1) I responded privately to your e-mails but they both bounced back.. You can call me at 310-550-8004..

2) My point was that this fatality could have been prevented at the surface...

A buddy using a single tank for a 280' dive is just another point to add to my view...

I've been trying to be kind in my comments but no one should defend this dive plan.. And I mean NO one....

It was a f*cked up plan at the surface that only got worse at depth..

I hate hearing about ANY fatality in our community, whether I knew the person, whether I like the person or whether I flamed the guy relentlessly.. Seahunt and I have been beating the hell out of each other lately, but it would hurt me to no end if he got killed...

The purpose of these lists is to share experiences.. I TOTALLY know that most hate the way I deliver my message.. I TOTALLY know that there are guys like Seahunt and Chris that will always be 100% clueless, but nonetheless I would hurt me if they died..

Ron Fuller and I used to argue all the time, he showed me his home mad rebreather 2 weeks before he died. He asked me what I thought, and the ex-New Yorker in me, told him in 100% honesty what I thought.. Sadly a few weeks later his wife put one of the most heartfelt posts ever on this list, saying that she needed to know how to get off the list because she couldn't bear the pain..

Some on here want to send out meaningless condolences post fatality, I would prefer to stop the need for condolences and suggest at first why it's wrong, and then speak with force after the pleasantries prove worthless...

We have had 15 fatalities in SoCal in 15 months.. Some think that's not bad, I say it SUCKS!!!!!!!!

Just about everyone of these were preventable at the surface, so if some think I'm an a**hole, so be it...


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