Re: On MHK, Liars, and Idiots

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Posted by MHK on May 10, 2001 at 11:12:11:

In Reply to: On MHK, Liars, and Idiots posted by BillP on May 10, 2001 at 10:58:46:

Here's Irvine's response to you but since you lead me to believe that you wanted to keep this cordial I had decided NOT to send this to you, but since you sunk to Seahunt's level here you go..

Sent to me by George Irvine

Mike, I can not sort this crap out. Please post this as my response to this moron. He is twisting everything around and then asking bullsh*t questions to an organization ( NASA ) that deals in rapid pressure reductions from one ATA, not compressions, and who is telling the dumb a**hole this clearly in their response. Also note that they know me and my work, and are not anxious to support idiocy like air diving any more than I would.

First of all, red cells become rigid in the presence of high nitrogen partial pressure - they do not STAY rigid when the pressure is reduced. Where did this a**hole decide he can put words in my mouth and then argue against them? This guy is a complete nutcase. 1) the presence of helium sharply reduces the nitrogen tension that produces the TEMPORARY rigidity, 2) the less nitrogen the better, 3) rigid red cells cause small capillaries to activate the stretch receptors and release chemicals like nitric oxide that cause all kinds of changes ( let somebody else cover that ) , 4) rigid red cells trick the immune system into responding ( as do bubbles ), much as is sickle cell anemia, and produce all of those reactions, 5) immune responses and damage cause areas to isolate and shut down, producing micro angiogenisis that leads to long term decompression problems due to the creation of shunts with smaller vessels ( another discussion entirely ), 6) the "flu like feeling" after a nice air dive is likely due to this, and or the fact that there is NO adequate decompression from air as a breathing gas, 7) only a flaming a**hole would support air diving with all of its problems, would demand "proof" of a problem while simultaneously being enough of a low life hypocrite to TELL PEOPLE TO DO IT WHEN THE DUMB F*CK HAS NO CLUE WHAT THE EFFECTS COULD BE. Only the worst moron would skip over so many serious problems and deaths to argue with me. Obviously this is one more little a**hole who got b*tchslapped by me over his own bullsh*t and is going to fight me to the death. Good luck.

Mike the next one of these idiots who surfaces, send them straight to me, please. Post this as it is, this guy needs to be taken out and shot.


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