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Posted by MHK on May 10, 2001 at 15:13:23:

In Reply to: Re: choices posted by seahunt on May 10, 2001 at 14:52:22:

Seahunt wrote:

but you are accusing me or
Chris of dangerous dive practices and then you go get bent. That sounds
more dangerous than anything I do and your extremely deep diving sounds
far more dangerous than my solo sport diving.

One of the biggest differences is that I'm slowly and gradually making these changes and we are recording all the doppler info along the way in the hopes of proving something, so it's slightly incorrect to compare a *recreational* diver out for a day of diving to a guy that is doing research in order to prove conventional wisdom ( a.k.a. as Buhlman) wrong...

We've already pretty much concluded that the model is inaccurate in many respects but we're not prepared to advance the logic to the public just yet..

The only way those kinds of advances can get made is by someone willing to push the envelope under controlled circumstances... Which is precisely why I say if I ever do get bent, I'll post every detail.. Short of an anal reading of the definition of bent, I've been fortunate in that I have NOT ever had the cause to go to the chamber, but it sounds like we almost agree on something ;-), in that a hit should not be scorned or labelled.. The fact is I've been on boat when people have gotten hit and didn't *deserve* it.

Two quick examples.. I was Walker's buddy at the Sacramento when he got *hit*.. We did the same BT ( except he worked on the anchor more than me) and I was out of the water several minutes quicker than he was and he got bent and I didn't..

I was also on a liveaboard trip where 4 of us were all diving the same recreational profiles the entire week. One of the divers sat out a few dives, she didn't drink, she was in better physical shape than us and every dive she was 10' or so shallower than us.. She got bent and none of us did...

Sometimes, it just happens, and it shouldn't be feared or hidden... The quicker you treat it, the better the chances of success are...


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