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Posted by Steve on May 10, 2001 at 20:51:16:

In Reply to: my personal experience posted by mike on May 10, 2001 at 20:36:51:

"i can only speak for myself, but the number of deep (100 fsw+) dives i have made on air, i can count on both hands (and part of one foot) and i remember the details of nearly each and every one of them. I still remember quite vividly, my first air dive beyond 100 fsw back in Oct of 96, and my most recent one in August of '00. Am i a ringer?"

Are you a ringer, yes. IMO read what you wrote below. You will want to be a self fulfilling prophet and prove yourself right. Terry asked who can dive deep air safely. You feel you can't.


"i've been deep on air very few times, points to deep air as being in the words of GI3, "Florida Democrat stupid" (whoops, i mean "farm animal stupid".....sorry >:)
i've been vodka-puking, fall-down-in-a-puddle-and-drown-drunk, staggering down a deserted Mexican beach to climb an old rotten lighthouse ladder in a windstorm a few times too....remember all of it!
once upon a high school time, i was stoned on pot, breath stinking of Jack Daniels, a loaded .380 automatic under the seat, driving through Torrance at midnight on St Patrick's Day, spinning J-turns through mall parking lots to avoid the DUI checkpoints, which were everywhere, too! Oh jeez, do i remember that! Yeeesh!
damn if i didn't survive all that without so much as a parking ticket or trip to the doctor! hope no one thinks that because i survived this nonsense, it's safe for everyone else to give it a try.
in my humblest of humble opinions, deep air and the other two activities belong in the same category of stupidity."

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