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Posted by tleemay on May 12, 2001 at 13:02:52:

In Reply to: Way Cool... posted by seahunt on May 11, 2001 at 17:30:18:

Where did the moniker of sockpuppet come from?

The latest attribute would probably be... Mick
Folley and his sockpuppet. Senior Winces and his
collection are an earlier version born from the
loins of the media.

Even though they are portrayed as two separate
entities (Folley-Socko, Winces-Pablo), the are
driven by the same common grey matter electrical

A sockpuppet is a dummy, treat is as such.

But do not compare a sockpuppet to a mole...
moles always need to be publically WHACKED when
they step out of line and say something stupid.
It's our responsibility as proper BBS citizens
to make those 'corrections' when warranted.

If you do WHACK-a-mole, make sure your ducks are
all in a row... there's nothing worse that the
public humilliation endured after WHACKING one
without a reason.

It also helps your credibility when WHACKING
moles that you present yourself as who you really
are. If not, and you post under a ficticious
handle or otherwise disguise you true identity,
you are then a sockpuppet (see graph two).

Of course the absolute worse case is someone's
sockpuppet being a mole. I those cases, some
surgical internet manuevering is required to let
the puppet and mole master know they are fooling
no one. Exposure humbles even the biggest puppet/
mole master.

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