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Posted by tleemay on May 13, 2001 at 16:14:46:

In Reply to: Re: Make it a 100 HP ... posted by seahunt on May 02, 2001 at 22:41:59:

"I was invited there under false pretenses."

What was this false pretense? That someone promised
they would wave a magic wand across your forehead
and you would be instantly all-knowing and in full
accord of what was being discussed???

You have to know the basis of a discussion to be
able to understand it, much less participate in it
- you proved that evening that you had no capacity
for such basis - you said it yourself... 'It must
be beyond (you)', just because it's beyond you doesn't
mean it is beyond the others.

Even afterwards when JJ, Carmichael, Lonsdale,
Walker, and even another diver who had attended
the presentation (for the first time no less)
tried with chalkbaord drawings to explain the things
you could not understand or accept, you kept
trying to change the examples in mid discussion,
not allowing an end discussionary conclusion to
the previous explanation... you just wanted to argue
(which you made no bones about earlier during the

It's not the way we are presenting. If it is, thent
how how can you justify the understanding of the
700 or so divers we've done the presentation and
subsequent demos for in the past two years just
here in CA, or the many other 1000's across the
country conducted by other DIR promoters?

You were told you would have explained to you the
answers to your questions, initially, how does
DIR diving apply to CA.

You had follow-up questions concerning the no
computer use practice (among others) and proudly
announced with great arrogance during the
presentation, that you had a direct agenda to
refute anything you heard that was either not
understood or agreed upon by you because (as you
pointed to MHK across the room as others around
snickered at your sophomorish actions) that's
what you were promised.

As the demo continued, you went on to spout (very
impolitely I might add judging by the reaction on
the faces of the other 60+ in attendence) that JJ
could know nothing about CA diving. You added that
Mr Carmichael, who is in the business of building
buoyancy devices, knew nothing about the buoyancy
requierements of CA style diving. After JJ and
Carmichael initially answered and further explained
their answers down to the most common denominator
possible, you were the only one who still didn't get
it. It was at that point everyone agreed, other than
you of course, that we were wasting our time.

As you walked away that evening nearly 2 hours after
the presentation, you were so frustrated that no
one could answer your questions within your frame
of understanding you pulled me aside and tried to
justify your feelings about DIR and what you had
NOT learned that evening. That's proven by all the
"clue" gathering and "guessing" you feel you had
to make post event on this BBS.

Remember what I asked you in frustration as you
started walking back to your truck parked next

'Everyone else (that evening) received the info they
were seeking. Everyone else went away with a new
or continued understanding of the whole picture -
why didn't you?'.

You have written since then, that JJ dodged your
direct questions, whereas it was you who continued
to change the parameter of the profiles you gave as
examples - from bounces, to the flat badlands, to
heavy steel with a wet suit and 36+ lbs of negativity
beacuse you like to keep kicking to stay off the
bottom while you dive - which YOU said that night
as being 'high performance'. You wanted the answers
to fit inside of your practices - they did not.

I'm still chuckling over the 'high performance'
application you cited. Especially after Mark
Lonsdale spent 30 minutes expalining the work
vs efficiencies issue at the beginning of the

You have no desire to learn, you admit you did
not understand everything that was presented that
evening. People gave up on trying to help you
understand. There are others who do want to learn
and we shall be there to help them if they ask...
and they do continue to ask.

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