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Posted by JRM on May 18, 2001 at 15:11:11:

In Reply to: yikes! this looks like it was written by a first year grad student! posted by mike on May 18, 2001 at 14:35:31:

"Not to flame, but..."
Flame away, I didn't write it.

(snip ton of boring comments)...
I think you missed my point. I don't claim to know anything about the topic. But in less than five minutes I was able to find *something* related. Whether the article in question is good information isn't the point. The point was supposed to be: Why sit around and cry foul about certain topics when, with a *minimum* of effort, you can educate yourself. If some folks spent half the time researching that they do complaining, they'd be doctoral candidates.

I really can't answer your questions, because the limit of my knowledge about oxygenation is what they taught us in EMT school. 15 lpm of 100% O2 by mask. Load victim into ambulance, drive to ER. Give paramedic crap about choice of restaraunt on the way.


-- The truth is out there

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