Re: My observations of the Scuba Show

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Posted by JohnB on June 04, 2001 at 12:28:48:

In Reply to: My observations of the Scuba Show posted by MHK on June 04, 2001 at 10:46:29:

Was surprised and VERY happy to see Halcyon represented at the show! I will E-mail Dale S. to PLEASE consider some tech stuff in the paper and a must for the show!! All that "Zeagle stuff is the same with different colored accents. Never understood the jacket BC argument "Feel safer with a jacket style"...I know I feel safer with better quality, less cumbersome gear and better air usage!! (if ya need to be hugged, get out of the water and hug a lifeguard.) Sorry (not) about the ranting but I don't think I will stop extolling the virtues of Halcyon gear until someone comes up with anything close to their gear! but you know that. PS not 100% DIR (yet) but I do think that everyone needs to have the info and consider DIR before they shut it out in favor of LESS intelligent choices! The "I am not going Tech diving" thing is well, stupid (there goes that word) Overhead or not, you ARE UNDER WATER! Something that they are not getting is that DIR does not encourage MORE gear but in fact LESS (actually costs less too!)I like my 7'hose in open water. I like my ACB weights that DO NOT dump in kelp! I like my SPG without the color video console! I like that I can make virtually any modification to my gear while underwater (where it needs to be possible to save a life)! ok enuff fer now this stuff makes me nuts there IS NO argument just look at the INFO it settles itself!

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