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Posted by ChrisM on June 04, 2001 at 16:07:01:

Got this e-mail from a dive buddy. . . .
"Well, I just spoke to Manny at the [Sea Stallion] Dive Shop. He
feels really bad about what happened to Dave S.
Some of that is a guilty feeling that he wishes he
could have done more for the diver. Those of you
who know Manny should call him at the shop and
give him you support what he did to help the diver.
I suggest that for a few reasons, it will help
Manny who is dealing with the loss of someone he knew
and to show support that he did "The right thing"
and it was the best he could have done. The EMTs &
the lifeguards said the rescue was perfect & the best
he could have done under the situation and complemented
Manny for his efforts.

Manny was doing a class and his primary responsibility
was his students, but Dave S. wanted to "Tag along" with
a few others that day.

But for those of you who don't know right now, it
appears that Dave S. had a diabetic seizure while on
the surface. He was conscious while in the water
(Although under stress) and the EMTs said they
had some "Vitals", but he later died at South Coast
Medical Center.

This one here hits closer to home than other diving
accidents I've heard of in the past, because it involves
caring people who attempted to do the "Right thing".
Dave S. was also a Sky Diver, now just for a minute,
imagine the concequences if this had happened while
doing that sport. So Dave could have died doing either
sport he obviously loved.

Still it's a sad situation, that's my point. I wish my
best wishes to ALL those involved. They did what they
could to help, but the problem was beyond what anyone could
have done.

So let's learn from this unfortunate situation and remember,
your choices you make in diving can & will affect others
you are diving with."

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