NReallyDR, But... I Saw Disney's "Atlantis" This Afternoon

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Posted by tleemay on June 07, 2001 at 22:48:45:

And boy was I impressed, especially for a Disney film.

OK, I realize that Disney has been known as a premiere animation house
or distributor for decades, but this was one of their rarer actually held my attention througout the entire animated
film. I was rather sad to see closing credits - I wanted more.

To me, the only thing that has come close in the recent past was the
Lion King, but then I have always been a James Earl Jones fan. So, that flick held my attention for just under an hour before I grew
weary of it.

The characters' dialogue in "Atlantis" were written in typical
top-notch, "in the first person" fashion you would find in any fine live action film. You really could connect to the characters -
something rare for a movie length 'cartoon'.

I shouldn't refer to it as a cartoon though, the scenes, sound, dialogue, and story flow was as good -if not better than- ANY
action-adventure movie, animation or not.

The scene that gave me the greatest goosebumps was the sureal ascent
onto the "goal". I won't expose much more of the plot that that. I will say that the visuals, soundtrack, and sound effect/mixing were stellar in my opinion.

Michael J. Fox was the voice for the primary character, and it wasn't long until he owned the character, making you forget it was Michael J. Fox's voice. I found myself really connecting with this 'cartoon'.

A great treasure to anyone that has ever wondered if the lost city of
"Atlantis" ever existed.

Oh yeah, the kids will love it too.

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