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Posted by Brad on July 03, 2001 at 20:03:59:

In Reply to: Nicely written Brad... posted by Steve Clark on July 03, 2001 at 17:39:25:

I used to sportfish and now i'm non-consumptive
and my time on the water has never been more
enjoyable. The pressure to catch a fish is gone
and my schedule is now relaxed. I rarely make night
runs anymore. I don't have to drag 30gals of water
all over the ocean, i don't have to keep the
bait tank running for days at a time. Haven't
charged the battery in a year.

The best part is the feeling of not being an
enemy of any of the creatures i see. I am there only to
observe and photograph. There are many wonderous
sights that allude the predatory mind. That suits me very well.

Except for pictures of dead fish, i have nothing
to show for all of those (wasted) years of fishing.
Now i have a beautiful and growing gallery
of pictures that fill my living room walls.
Getting a picture of a real (live) gamefish is
infinitely more rewarding and challenging than
angling ever was.

I return from each trip with my tiny bounty
of film full of anticipation of what images
might be there. I stop at the little photo
place on the way home and crack open the front
door, i thrust my arm up toward the ceiling
with two spent rolls in my fist! (it's ok, they know me)
By the time i am done with the skiff, the film
is ready. It is a thrill to pick up my pictures!


(loves the sea)

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