Casino Point DIR Demo- Sign Up sheet

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Posted by MHK on July 05, 2001 at 16:54:47:

Given the unprecedented response that we have received to the invitation we find that it is necessary to have an advanced sign up sheet for this event. As you know July 21 & 22 we will be at Casino point beginning at 9:00 am and will stay Saturday night until 6:00pm, or so and Sunday we'll need to shut down by 5:00pm. Each day we will do a lecture from 11:00am that will last until 12:00 and then we will take questions for as long as you want...

We also will have several sets of gear available for demonstration. As noted, you will need to present a C-card [even if it is a PADI card ;-)] as this is only open to certified divers and in that regard we continue to note that this opportunity is not a certification class of any sort. I've had so many discussions about this event with the insurance company that it's driving me nuts ;-)

To that end, we had originally planned to do some in-water skills with the diver's that we are escorting. Our intention was to help out with trim issues, bouyancy control, air sharing drills, mask R & R's, all within the context of trim and bouyancy control. But you guessed it, the insurance company feels that it could later be argued that in that context it is really a class situation and as such could be considered a class and then we would need to do the waiver's, the class work and all the other stuff that would be required, so we have had to somewhat modify our plan..

To that end we will run teams of two diver's [ ie; Walker and I ] along with up to 6 certified diver's.. Walker and I will demonstrate the skills that we were going to have you do and we'll discuss before and after what to look for and why trim and bouyancy are important and such...

We will have three teams available for in-water demo's and we'll therefore need to have people sign up for a team.. We'll run the in-water demo's on the hour beginning at 9:00am, breaking for the discussion portion of the day [ ie; 11:00am through 1:00pm] and we'll rotate the teams..


Team 1 goes in at 9:00am
Team 2 goes in at 10:00am
Team 3 goes in at 11:00pm

Break for lecture and lunch

Team 1 goes back in at 2:00pm
Team 2 goes back in at 3:00pm
Team 3 goes back in at 4:00pm

and so on.....

Terry May will be coordinating the schedule and we will be rotating dive team buddies amongst the team leaders..

In other words, I'll lead Team 1, Walker will lead team 2 and Kendall will lead team 3... We'll have Terry, Colburn, Farina and Highley rotating in and out with us..

So e-mail Terry at Terry May

E-mail Address(es):

Please indicate who's team you want to be on...

MHK = Team 1
Walker = Team 2
Kendall= Team 3

Any questions let me know...


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