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Posted by JRM on July 05, 2001 at 17:12:46:

In Reply to: Another example . . . posted by Kevin on July 05, 2001 at 16:32:05:

Here's an example of Josh's innocence (this isn't really dive related, but we were just discussing this topic here. It's amazing to me that even though you warn people that the company is logging ALL web access, the places they still go. During work hours. On company time. Doh!):

Time: Sometime in mid-late 1994 (Josh is a mere 20, gasp!) Sometime around 10:-11:pm.

Location: Office of (deleted) ISP, Fresno, CA.

Setting: Josh is the night admin and technical support supervisor (generally of only himself) for a rather decently sized ISP, at a time when the "Internet" was unheard of by most folks. It's been a long day of dealing with the dregs of humanity.

(Phone rings)...

Josh: Hello, thank you for calling [deleted], how may I help you?

Caller: I'm having trouble reaching some Internet sites. I really need to get to them.

Josh: Yes sir, well let me check the network status [slight pause while I grab a drink], no sir, there are no current outstanding network issues.

Caller: Well I really can't get to a bunch of sites. I click and I get a not found error or something.

Josh: OK sir, well why don't you tell me one of the sites you can't reach, and I'll try and locate the problem.

Caller: [long pause] Um, well, [pause] I have to tell you the name of the sites.

Josh: [absolutely devoid of any sarcasm, yeah right] Well sir, I can't locate the source of your problem if you can't tell me the names of the locations that are unavailable. Are you able to visit other sites?

Caller: Yes.

Josh: Well sir, then your connection is working properly. There probably is a network outage between our network and the target site. If you'll give me the names I'll try and locate the source of the problem for you.

Caller: [another lengthy pause] I can't get to some sites. You need to fix it.

Josh: [amazed at his own patience] Well sir, I need to know the names of the sites you are unable to browse. Without that info I really can't help you.

Caller: Well, I can't tell you. You need to fix it.

Josh: [after eight months completely used to this illogical rambling of callers]. Well sir, I can't open up a trouble issue if you won't tell me the names of the sites you are trying to reach. Can I have your name for my call log?

Caller: [click]

[scene fades out]

You know, for the life of me I can't figure out what kind of Internet site that gentleman would be surfing in the middle of the night that he didn't want to tell me about ;-)


-- OK, so this has nothing to do with diving. But I thought it was funny, and since I won't be diving until next Wednesday, I really don't have much diving related to add at this juncture. Enjoy.

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