Firewalker's review (and Commericals)

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Posted by Firewalker on July 09, 2001 at 13:25:08:

After a long hiatus (its taken a while to get all the coprolite off my shoes) here is
Firewalker’s review of “As The BBS Turns”.

Descartes said......To do is to be
Voltaire said.........To be is to do
AADiver said.......De be do be do

We’ll be right back, after a word from our sponsor.

Are you tired of seeing all the old rusty junk littering the bottom of our ocean.
Call Kevin at the environment friendly Calif. Environmental Wreck Divers.
They have been removing that unsightly green, gold, and rusty colored junk from our
Ocean for over 25 years.
Call the Calif. Environmental Wreck Divers Deposal unit. They have the tools and the
know how to help clean up our oceans.
And now back to our show.

Kelphead said......Here’s an article about Whales.
The KDC said.....Whale Kimchee??

And on a word from one of Weird Al’s Sponsors.

Having a Shark Problem ?
Who you going to call?
Call the Korean Dive Club
“We make suchii out of anything in no time at all,
No fish to small, no shark to big, we kill them...all”.
Back to “As The BBS Turns”

CalAbDiver....warned us of the dangers of Rapture.
God said to CalAbDiver..You don’t have to worry about that!!

And now another commercial.
Need help with that essay? Need to add a few more pages, want to make your instructor
think you that really worked hard?
Call Mr. Huntfield, he can show you how to make your essay go and on and on and on
and on and on and say absolutely nothing.
Need an essay Huntfield is your man.
And now “As The BBS Turns”

Mr. McKane Henry Waxman, he is interested in the people.
Seasnake Said ...being interested in the people may not always be a virtue. Fleas are
interested in dogs to.”

And now previews of this weeks “As The BBS Turns”, but first a commercial.

Want to learn how to dive right.
Call DDS (Deep Diving Stud) he will show you how to dive the DIRR (Doing It Really
Right) way.
Learn to buy the right equipment the first time(you will not find any of this stuff at
Divers Discount).
Learn GI 3 pledge.
Learn the true meaning of Stroke.
Learn how to figure your dive tables on the fly (all you need is a depth gauge and a
knotted rope)who needs a computer. Learn to navigate by the sun (no need for that
expansive compass).
Be the best you can be, call DDS and learn to DIRR.

Oh Well, no time for previews, see you next week on “As The BBS Turns”.


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