Sea lion encounter at Nic

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Posted by Brad on July 10, 2001 at 17:56:50:

In Reply to: "the adventures of otto"... posted by kelphead on July 10, 2001 at 14:41:47:

After the long run out to Nicolas, i usually hang
around the east end for a while to rest and
observe the conditions. On one particular trip
last year, i was drifting in about 30ft of water
just off the east end light. I had opened the
cover to the window in the floor of the skiff
so i could look around the sea floor. From
underwater, the beam of sunlight eminating from
the window is quite dramatic.

After a few minutes, i hear and feel a big
clunk against the bottom of the skiff. i
look over the side and a small sea lion comes
out of the water right up at my face. It
flies out of the water again and this time
i phisically push it away! As i walk to the bow
it comes out a couple more times and each time
i have to push it away. I'm stunned as i
look at my wet hands. It disappeared
as suddenly as it came and i moved away
from the area.

Two months later in the exact same place, i'm
dozing off on the back deck:

WHAM! sea lion in the skiff!

I was woken by a huge crash and the little fella
was barking at my feet! All i could do was to say
"it's alright!, it's alright!" and guide him up
on the side and over into the water.

I have had no similar encounters with sea lions
anywhere. I have to believe that it was the same
individual, guarding his territory from some one
eyed monster. That little fellow is someday going
to be a grand knothead, a defender of his harem.

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