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Posted by tleemay on July 16, 2001 at 17:31:03:

In Reply to: Re: Scuba Classes posted by MHK on July 16, 2001 at 15:15:13:

Another tip off that PADI is only interested in
getting maximum $ from their student base - enlarge
the course access base. Was it not their goal in
2000 to have 80% of the LA area shops teaching
PADI exclusively?

Does anyone remember the PADI marketing catch
phrase acronym EZ2DuBzNzW and who it was
promoted to? They will make a deal with the
devil if it means you the shop will only teach
the sport, and now expanding into RecTech PADI

More $'s to the shop and PADI, more $'s from the
student. Sure they give you a card that says you
can get fills from shops and buy life support
gear, although for the life of me I don't know
why. I have NEVER been required to show my C
cards when purchasing regs or BC's or tanks or
anything SCUBA related other than the ocasional
dive locker out in TimBuk2 for a fill, and even
then it's because they think that past 25/20
sticker is some kind of pressure fill rating...
REEEALLY!,The shop monkey asked his counter
person if the sticker ment fill 25% of rated
pressure, rest for 20 minutes and then top off.
I shouldn't complain though, he was able to get
3300 into a 6 year old 2400 LP steel 95.

I had just finished up an e-mail discussion with
one of the sock puppet's on the list last Friday
morning and was able to gather some info on our
mole-ish friend. There are a lot of real Dolts
out there, eh Richard?

Richard from Soledad, CA - PADI Instructor Trainier
extrordinaire (or so he says).

Now there's a PADI dive anarchist - he's ALL
PADI, all the time. Nothing else matters, all
the other training agencies are bunk, he's the
best, so he teaches PADI... what a load of crap.
He sounds like one of those FR NASS-DEE-ASS divers
in all their egotistical gloriness.

Do yourself and your possible estate a favor just
in case you do find yourself in a potential
catastophic situation while diving at any depth,
seek out NAUI or LA County (if you are in the area)
for OW certification.

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