WAKE UP! not one of those things CAN be USED!! Why?..

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Posted by JohnB on July 16, 2001 at 23:47:54:

In Reply to: "Pitting Yankee Ingenuity Against Global Warming" by Usha Lee McFarling posted by kelphead on July 16, 2001 at 18:49:30:

BECAUSE EACH ONE has catastrophic SIDE EFFECTS!!!! If there were none don't you think some idiot would be going global with the programs? Are you stuck in Star Trek? Don't you think the proposed TEN billion people in 25 years are going to hold their bladder forever? If they all have that Kissy kissy wonderful lifestyle you propose that they will ALL have some kind of vehicle? Electric cars POLLUTE where do you think all the LEAD and sulphuric acid and plastic in just those batteries goes every three years? do you think the factories making them and the cars have NO emissions? Where do you think the electricity comes from? Aren't they mostly coal burning and nuclear plants? Jeesus will ya look around!!! was pollution an issue 150 years back at less than one billion humans? NO! So now we have "the technology" well if it worked someone would be using it to make billions! But none of the pollution eliminating technology is working people!!! California and La County have been trying to find something to help with the smog here since 1963!!!! Are you one of those that looks up at the gray skies of summer and thinks "What a beautiful day?" STOP watching "Voyager"! You can NOT just "replicate food! Someone has to grow it! and that requires more and more fertilizer, Just go to Salton sea to experience what red water is like! Take a sip! DIAL 911!!! That is a VERY small example of what happens in CONTROLLED circumstances! Are you so deluded to think that if you say the right thing the whole world will suddenly come to their senses and only use 16 ounces of water per day each?? Christ go OUTSIDE and look around! (a metaphor for TRAVEL outside of your little office PLEASE!!) putting links to TV shows does NOT change ANYTHING!! It also does not count as travel experience! For every one of those "feelgood" links there are a million telling what is really happening. It's getting so that I feel sorry for you just grinning through it all so sheltered that you think new cars just magically appear on showroom floors. They are M A N U F A C T U R E D at great cost to the E N V I R O N M E N T. More people= more manufacturing PERIOD!!! There is so much more and you SHOULD be looking into it One solution can fix ALL, Stop unneccesary population growth. No you god freaks this does NOT mean killing or even restricting births, just make it known that you do NOT have to make babies to be a worthy human. Makin babies does not make anyone "Macho" if it did humans pale in comparison with the ULTRA macho CucaRacha! Have a child and CARE for AND protect AND nurture it/them don't allow someone to just discard their baby when the novelty wears off. for you zealots out there,If "god" wanted the planet to be so full "God" would not flood bangladesh and drown all those VERY religious and Innocent people EVERY YEAR!! Get over your "technology will take care of it and we can all live as one" crap! Just how do you think we got HERE? Was it butterflies that created smog? Was it prarie dogs that made the nuclear waste? Was it batrays that put all those plastic bags in the ocean? Is it dolphins floating all those pampers out to sea? Was it bald eagles that invented strip mining? If you are having trouble with these questions....the answer: NO. EVERY single question like that can be answered with growing population of humans created those things PERIOD!!

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