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Posted by Timber Diver on July 18, 2001 at 22:47:44:

In Reply to: Re: Chris and Seahunt posted by MHK on July 18, 2001 at 15:42:54:

Forgive my interruption. I am usually just a fly on the wall here but I have a question. Why is it that Chris and Seahunt have not come forward yet to participate in the discussions on this whole D.I.R. recreational scuba diving scene? If they have a better way, I would like to read about it. If they do not, they should fall to the side and let the rest continue to gather information without any character assinations. That is the reason I read web sites like this one, to gather information and become more informed.

I keep reading where MHK says he has requested Seahunt to explain his diving. This is usually followed by a lame excuse of some type from Seahunt that he is either still working on it; MHK will be disappointed by what will be put up; it's still in it's fermenting stages; or he will do it when he is ready.

I for one am quite impressed with the D.I.R. people coming forward and explaining their points with enough presence that most anyone can understand with two exceptions. Why cannot these two exceptions articulate in a direct fashion without meaningless dribble why D.I.R. does not work in California? Just because an idea originated in one part of the world does not mean it will not work in yet another. I believe the line by line exchange between the D.I.R. people and these two mal-aligned seasoned divers would be fascinating. I enjor a good point-counter point exchange (Jane you ignorant slut!) as long as it stays on the topic at hand and does not sway into another separate issue of the participants challenging each others credibility or calling each other out right dis-honest or a liar.

My buddy and I will be available for the D.I.R. demo at Avalon on Sunday. We want to try out first hand what all the fuss and muss is about. What is the schedule to try out the gear? Is there a website where we can sign up? My buddy does not have a US drivers license. He is visiting from Sardinia. Can he still try out the stuff?

Thank You

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