Re: It's a DI demo this weekend at Casino Point folks..., the first place to look for a dive instructor

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Posted by seahunt on July 19, 2001 at 12:53:55:

In Reply to: Re: It's a DIR demo this weekend at Casino Point folks... posted by MHK on July 19, 2001 at 09:22:23:

What a red herring.
And I'm supposed to post this graph... just how? where? what format?
Without that information, your demand is meaningless.
Can you post or send me a graph of a dive for an example of what you are
requesting? Actually, I think that is a basic requirement of your
request.... err... demand.
By the way, I've never seen a graph of a dive... well, once a sonar track of a diver.
Actually, this graph is would have to be a time verses depth. If I draw you a pretty
picture, you're not going to be able to do much with it without a fair amount of
calculus... Calculus is required for interpreting irregular curves you know. So
please define your data representation. I would expect you need it to be numeric, not
Well, I'll make it easy on you, because the point of this exercise is to demonstrate
your methodology, which I am still curious about. When analyzing models and methods,
it is best to use simple cases so that the data does not obscure the process. So how
about I give you a very simple case (part of the Nic dives I originally gave you
as a test case) for you to use and then you can very easily demonstrate your
method. It's a minimum description.
2 dives - air
This is a sort of undulating dive as the terrain undulates. At the end
of the dive, which I just recorded as 70 to 85 feet, these are likely
to be fairly correct values. Since I have no way of evaluating the dive,
absolute accuracy of data should not effect your methods of analyzing
the data. If you need, I can draw you a pretty picture, but you're still
gonna have to tell me the data format you want and where you want it

Dive 1 - Total time 39 minutes (The Badlands)
16 minutes at 80 to 85 feet
12 minutes at 75 to 80 feet
11 minutes at 70 to 75 feet

Surface interval of 75 minutes (I'm one of the first in)
Dive 2 - Total time 42 minutes (The Badlands)
11 minutes at 80 to 85 feet
21 minutes at 75 to 80 feet
10 minutes at 70 to 75 feet

If you need any more data, I'll be happy to try to provide it.
If you require a graph, you're going to have to define the format
and method of communicating it to you. Please don't say XML.

>BTW, I didn't start any fights.. You called me dishonest so nice try at misdirecting the issue.
No not mis-directing the issue. Clarifying it. It sure seems to have struck a nerve.
>Did anyone see any type of dive profile in his post???
has anyone ever seen an excuse for your abuse on the BBS and dishonesty?
You are getting a bit strident.
As for mis-directing, what would it take to get an answer about a depth recorder, let alone
your bad habits?
Enjoy, seahunt

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