Shootout at the Casino Point Corral

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Posted by Kevin on July 19, 2001 at 14:47:23:

Duduludodo - dududuhhhhh, Dododohhhh, dodudu ( The soundtrack from an old spaghetti western ) . .. . .

The DIR gang enters the Casino Point area from behind the air truck. They just topped off with Bext Mix. They are tall and sharp in their white hats and shiny new tanks, spurs replaced by springs as they clank on the pavement. Matching long hoses and missing boots on the tanks, not a computer among them, damn they look tough. There is a seriousness in Mike's eyes, he glances at Terry, they both look at George. No smiles, they are here to dive, they will Do It Right. Mark and Kendall fan out from behind, they are the magnificent five. The indians got John last week, he was riding solo outside the town limits, he should have known better. But thats the way it is out here in the west. Life is tough at Casino Point.

Out of the door of Shipwreck Joey's march Seahunt and Chris, Frank and Max ( the later are still each pulling on a big porthole ) They wear the dark hoods of the DIW gang. As some others march proudly out behind them they all round the corner. Their gear is mismatched, stained and worn, but they hold their heads high, and mumble about the good old days. Diving without BC's and air as deep as the want. A "Deep Air" sticker adorns one of the cylinders, and Frank's father's whistle adorns his BC. Stickers cover their tanks, hiding the old hydro dates, gamebags and hoses and console and computers adorn them, like medals of some long forgotten war. They do it their way, and will fight to the death today.

The saloon girls peer out from being the rental lockers, Ms. Blucow and Mrs. Kelphead. They know they cannot stop what is about to happen. Men will be men, and have been through the centuries. Dahlia clings to her PADI bible, praying the bloodshed can be averted. Other seek refuge behind them.

The townsfolk watch silently as the two groups round the corner of the Casino and stop. Josh and Steve suck a sip off their Nitrox bottles, hoping to ease the pain of what will come. Moonpieboy rips open another, finding comfort in the coolness of the icecream. Maciek and Catfish glance at each other, while Tailspin tugs at the neck of his DUI suit, a nervous twitch from the old days when his suit was too tight. They are not sure who will survive, but they will watch as the forces of good and evil battle for the control of the planet, or at least Casino Point.

The DIR crowd and the Independents advance, there is a clashing of word, arguments about scenarios, what to do in an out of air situation. The long hoses become bullwhips in the hands of George's army, while their enemies pummel them with heavy consoles and computers. Its good vs evil, and the battle rages. Wet Steel vs Trimix at 110 FSW, Solo divers vs S-drills, technical planning vs just praying you don't get bent. Its a mess, and divers are falling left and right.

Captain Ray and Tim and Wood watch through binoculars from their boats as the two groups grow smaller.

The blood flows down the stairs of Casino Point into the lapping waves, as the body count rises.

Out of the corner Kevin appears, collecting the gear off the still warm bodies. He piles his cart high, satisfied with a good day's haul. Almost better that going out on a wreck dive. Tanks of all sizes, regulators and masks and fins, enough gear to restock his rental room, and all for the price of the gas to get his boat over to Avalon.

There is still movement among the soldiers, but who is left alive, whose flag survived the battle, who lost and who won ?

I guess we will have to wait until my report on Monday . . .


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