trend towards No Dive Tables

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Posted by CalAbDiver on July 20, 2001 at 13:15:55:

In Reply to: Re: Different take on "No Computers" posted by MHK on July 20, 2001 at 11:14:30:

your quote, MHK, touches exactly on the reality that: it is becoming more and more common for OW1 classes to emphasize the preference FOR USING dive computers in place of dive table instruction.

facts: an SSI OWSI whom I know makes the purchase of a dive computer optional as an alternative to completing the repetitive dive calculations on the OW1 final exam in his classes. he is doing this on his own, obviously, since I know of no SSI policy to this effect.

in my mind, this is the worst case scenario. these new divers would never gain a thorough understanding of how the dive computer works.

there has been a lot of talk among dive stores about abandoning dive table instruction altogether, in favor of teaching new divers in OW1 how to properly use their dive computer.

practically speaking, it does make sense proactively to substitute dive computer instruction in place of dive table instruction. someday, that could be the way things are done by all of the scuba agencies, and tables may become a thing of the past.

"just follow the computer" could shorten time spent in the classroom in training, and you know full well what the trend has been towards less training for certification!

i did not want to interrupt your debate with NAUI OWSI Ken Kurtis. at the same time, this idea of the growing pre-emminece of the dive computer is a very current issue in ultra-modern scuba. i believe Ken may be expressing his sense of this reality, even though that may conflict with the DIR viewpoints of JJ.

personally, i love my Suunto Vyper. i did some advance dive planning with it in the SIMUL mode, and assured myself that it is 10% more conservative than PADI's DSAT tables, and since PADI is 25% more conservative than the USN tables, that makes me very happy.

you and Ken are both right, it seems to me, that some on-the-fly backup protocol/algorithm is still needed, you are only arguing about the priorities of those options. Ken seems to believe, as I do, and many others also, that the dive computer should be the primary priority, and the on-the-fly method should be the backup.

i am also trying to be nice, and agreeing with Ken, at the same time.

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