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Posted by seahunt on July 21, 2001 at 16:44:44:

In Reply to: OK SeaHunt...I can not say for fact which... posted by JohnB on July 21, 2001 at 11:19:15:

I'm not positive of everything all your posts here say, but it sorta seems like you have a hard time standing on a firm disagreement with me.
I agree with you in ways.
MHK does some remarkable diving.
He seems to be promoting a good thing.
As time goes on I have seen that though obviously developed for cave/wreck and that comes through really strong on the websites and the DIR writings, DIR can be used well enough in CA, though I don't think it's as good as he claims. There are some spots that get glossed over.
DIR certainly does not work as well for photo or hunting, activities I like, simply because solo is better for me for these. DIR demands a lot of attention on your buddy, attention I like for what's around me.
Yes, when I met MHK in person and he seemed like a nice guy. I also get that impression from others.
Nothing about DIR though is the issue. Just look at the posts mentioned in 'May I Clarify'. That chronicles some very calculated lies. There are lots more. Those are just the days before the demo. I think that's easy to see and I think it is easy to see why that might get me annoyed. What has annoyed me more in the past is his harassment of others.
I could go completely DIR though and it wouldn't change anything. Neither does anything I say or that he says. My post is not to him. It's to all the people that can read his post...
NDL limits without using a computer...

Posted by MHK on July 18, 2001 at 13:39:53:

Seahunt has, once again, introduced the theory that we have failed to adequately explained to address the issue.
and not get a bit uncomfortable with such a calculated lie, seeming posted in a very calculated way just to promote publicity for the demo this weekend. Aside from what I think about it, that he just casually used a lie to promote his agenda, should make people uncomfortable.
I've given my opinion of him before. Now I want to see how this community responds. Not him.
My honesty has been rarely questioned and I always have provided the URLs to back myself up. Also, I have only been accused of dis-honesty by MHK, who I claim is not an acceptable witness. Besides, I don't push much besides having fun diving.
My responce to you is simple and I got some waffling back. Was that or was that not some pretty calculated dishonesty? It's there in print. It wasn't innocent or for some mitigating reason. It was to promote a DIR demo.
Again, anyone that has no problem with that... well, I just don't understand them. Like I told MHK, I'd rather be called almost anything besides dishonest.

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