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Posted by johnb on July 21, 2001 at 21:10:48:

In Reply to: Re: No I DON'T know that... nt posted by seahunt on July 21, 2001 at 17:32:34:

that there is "needling", not lying. It's just bringing something up from the past and buggin' ya with it. Retribution for being such a noodnik at times (please don't ask for a definition of that, I have none). It may not be "verbatim" accurate but it conveys a dramatized version of the original idea like a caricature in words I would not call you dishonest either! There are some moments of question but I assume those were to make a point. MHK has something of value to share and while I would not dare to presume I may speak for him I THINK that some of the "persistence on his part may be due to your(AND others) resistance to just TRYING it! I know I HATE stubborn just for the sake of stubborness. There is NO REASON to not give it a shot! It's free, it's painless, what possible reason could there be to argue against TRYING DIR? I know I'd like to be DIR but I have not the money to fully be there yet, GEAR and education wise. But EVERYTHING I try in DIR gear works so good that I do what I can to get there. Of course not EVERYONE or even most will EVER go DIR but I do think ALL should try it (once maybe?)!
I don't see it as good guy bad guy I just see some senseless resistance and some dogged persistence. I will have to say I am not on anybody's "team" I take MY side and it can fall either way but when i see the stubborn pop up I'm after it! I SHOULD mind my own business but....that's just not me. You did make a few posts that got me chuckling and I appreciate that, I look forward to more.

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