Re: Couple of questions to DIR converts out there.

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Posted by Marc Hall on July 23, 2001 at 11:19:30:

In Reply to: Couple of questions to DIR converts out there. posted by Maciek on July 23, 2001 at 10:37:27:

>So I would like to ask all DIR converts to share >their experience when switching to DIR. What was >most annoying? What habits took a biggest effort >to adjust? And in particular I would love to >hear how do you dump air on ascent. Always back >valve? Or do you go vertical and dump from >inflator? Was it pain to switch to it?

It had been awhile since I had been in some sort
of back inflation device. Previous setup was
Scubapro Classic Jacket. So getting used to the
buoyancy shift was the biggest difference. Also
getting the shoulder straps to proper tension is
important. I had them too loose to begin with
until my first GUE class.

I dump air out the BC using the dump/inflator
device at the end of the hose. Normally I just
hold it up and dump. To get every last bit of air
out I maintain horozontal postion but roll my body so that the left side is bit higher up.
Ascent should be made in the horizontal position
as the increased surface area to the direction
of travel helps you to maintain ascent rates
and "safety" or deco stops.

>Also. If someone had an experience with actual >front dump valve failure, please share. In DIR >world it's probably not a critical failure UW >anyway - drysuit, float and weight dump are a >backup.

I have seen divers pull their BC hoses off.

I have never used them myself, although I
guess I do have a set of DiveRite superwings
in storage with them. Dual bladders even.
Need to be listed in Ebay one of these days.

>That made my snorkel very full of water. I never >quite believed that entanglement thing ;).

Snorkels are a pain in the rear for SCUBA diving.
Worthless thing dangling on the side of your
head. When I swim on the surface with SCUBA, I
am always on my back, better propulsion with the

Marc Hall
San Diego

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