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Posted by tleemay on July 23, 2001 at 17:17:21:

In Reply to: My perspective on the DIR demo -long posted by ChrisM on July 23, 2001 at 17:01:15:

You were in a 36 lb wing and stainless steel
backplate with the weight pockets. The STA was
mid mounted on the plate.

"i.e. donating a standard length primary hose
might be difficult"

In a true emergency with a real OOA diver,
donating is not the right term... it is taken
from you. (isn't that right Josh?). MHK and
I had a converstaion with one of the island's
regular instructors who gave us some rather
somber news in regards to the amount of injuries/
deaths that have occurred at the Point in the last
few years he has been there. He also gave us his
account of assisting with OOA divers (not students,
but certified divers). His experience is the same
as mine, the OOA divers takes the one they see
working and not the one in the scum-ball or any
other retaining device withing any triangle of life.
I have yet to see someone respond in an emergency
in the fashion they were trained.

The Vyper on the wrist... that was me. It was
right next to my also wrist mounted Uwatec bottom
timer. I continue to collect dive activity data
of all types to test ptf's new PC interface and
subsequently a Palm interface. It was not MHK
with the Vyper.

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