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Posted by FunnyNot on July 24, 2001 at 22:19:05:

In Reply to: Here is a bit of the problem... posted by Wayne on July 24, 2001 at 20:42:32:

wow, PADI is a "great education" because you can look up your c-card if you forget it.
THAT is the problem right there....
As for the silly little questionaires, How the HELL is some brand new student supposed to know they have been short-changed on education? PS I do NOT know one single PADI diver that ever got one.
Does the term "lipservice" hold any meaning for you?...
AND it is not the instructors on the whole that are doing the bad job... PADI WANTS them to PADI has it set up that way! Sure there are bad instructors but how many times have we seen a OWSI just go through a cattle call because the STORE wants VOLUME!! PADI is NOT trying to remedy that...PADI encourages it and is trying to figure ways to squeeze more money out of people by splitting what should be a basic course into SEVERAL different levels and each level is getting less and less "comprehensive". Hell something as simple as CPR SHOULD be required for an OW!
you say..."want to see continuing improvement"...?? Uh..HELLO?! it is NOT improving!! Wrong way buddy!
and then say..."Let's stop the PADI bashing and bash the bad instructors directly. If PADI fails to get them back on the straight and narrow, then PADI is fair game and a fair target.
We ARE THERE NOW! PADI DOES NOTHING about it aside from a few token reprimands and discipline's. PADI does NOT have ANYTHING on the "straight and narrow". PADI IS fair game! They need to take all that power and do something GOOD with it! Not just water down the skill levels and say well you could come back and pay more to actually learn SCUBA! Which even at their top levels is wimpy.
THIS IS the outrage you are seeing! Put this in your QUESTIONAIRE! signed a PADI DIVER!

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