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Posted by CalAbDiver on August 07, 2001 at 09:40:39:

In Reply to: Re: Waterman??? posted by geoa on August 07, 2001 at 07:06:54:

Waimeia. now thats a word you dont hear much around anymore here in California.

i have found that surfing on my kayak makes more sense, if any, than surfing on a board does. at least by practicing to ride the surf on my kayak i can be ready in case one of my ocean kayak dives becomes a kayak surfing trip on the way back in.

surfing on a board, though a rush, seems more like a waste of time to me now.

smoking as a scuba diver seems like a really dumb idea. anyone capable of developing scuba skills, which is not entirely easy, ought to be able to dump a smoking habit, if not for safety and good health, then certainly to set a better example for other scuba divers.

CO2 buildup from smoking before a dive, very dumb if diving deeper than 75 fsw. CO1 buildup, even more dumb. tar and mucous blockages in the lungs, possibly fatal on any dive deeper than 16 fsw.

if you dive, dont be a smoker. if you must smoke, dont be a diver. choose. choosing to dive should then give a smoker the strength of will to become an X-smoker.

alcohol is not as addicting as smoking, according to most experts, and one beer or wine after a dive is no big deal, in my opinion. getting smashed the night before a dive is as dumb or dumber than smoking and diving.

since everyone who dives takes their own life into their hands when they go onto scuba, it doesnt make sense to be dumb about it and compound the danger with smoking or alcoholic binges, nor to give others the bad idea to do the same.

a beer or wine after a dive is no big deal.

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