Message from Florida for MHK re non-O2 cleaned tanks:

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Posted by AADIVER on August 07, 2001 at 10:34:53:

Mike, you asked me to check with Dive Outpost in Florida because you said they fill non-dedicated tanks with pure O2...NO!!! Their specific reply to my query:

"Hi Frank. Thanks for your inquiry. I have
a membrane system and I store 32%. Your tanks do not
need to be O2 cleaned. The membrane can pump up to 40%.
I also have O2 for deco mixes, but specially cleaned tanks are needed
for that. Make sure your tanks have current hydro and visual stickers
and we are good to go. Air costs $4.00 per cylinder and 32% is $9.00
per fill. I sell both an air and nitrox card that lowers the cost. I also
motel accommodations if you need a place to stay while you are in the area.

regards, Cathy"

At 06:04 PM 08/06/2001 -0700, you wrote:
>Is your EANx fill system a blending or membrane
>system? If not, do you pump in pure O2 first,
>then fill with 21%? If so, do my tanks have to be
>O2 cleaned or will you fill any old tank,
>regardless the interior condition, as long as it's
>been visually inspected within the year?
>Thank you.
>Frank Farmer

Again, and most emphatically, Florida dive shops do not, will not, put pure O2 into non O2 cleaned tanks. Period.

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