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Posted by Wood on August 07, 2001 at 20:51:50:

In Reply to: My version of what an open water class would look like.. posted by MHK on August 07, 2001 at 16:01:50:


Why donít you become an Instructor? Itís easy to speculate on how a course should go and be done but itís much more convincing if you DO IT.

Take a NAUI ITC, they will allow you to exceed the minimum requirements. If I still were a current CD Iíd do it for free.

You would have a much better foundation to stand on when you rant about the condition of the training agencies and competency of local instructors if you had actually taught a class once. I know you assist regularly; itís different to be calling the shots. Your experience is extensive, why not use it where itís needed at the basic level.

I doubt there are many people alive that have the passion for this sport that you do. I also firmly believe that behind all the name calling and ďif you would just shut up and listen to me youíd learn somethingĒ threads there is a guy who truly cares about whatís happening.

So why donít you do something about it.

DIR demos are killer and just another example of the tireless energy you are willing to put into making the sport safer. But they are not going to change the condition that exists. They are not going to reach the new diver.

You opinions on the major training agencies are well documented and I except that will be your first line of response, ďthey are all crap I want no part of themĒ. Ok, you are tight with Andrew, start the GUE Level 1 Diver Program. Screw the wreck for Catalina, make a difference at the level that needs it.

I would love to see it done.

I would also like to discuss with you at length the accusations you seem to have an endless supply of for PADI. Iím tired or the same unfounded emotional dribble and invite you to a discussion on the topic. My email address is : I think everyone else is fairly tired of the discussion so letís take it home with us.

Dive safe


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