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Posted by Joe R on August 10, 2001 at 04:12:21:

In Reply to: Re: Bent because of DM incompetence... posted by Calico Jack on August 09, 2001 at 12:02:38:

I guess you didn't read my entire rant.. The general comment is to get more training..
The comment to get a computer is more practical than anything else. If this person is going to do
"trust me " dives and table use is pretty weak at least **if** she learns how to use a
computer she will have some idea about nitrogen loading.
This diver was expecting an 80ft dive and ended up deeper, since she was doing a "trust me"
and didn't plan any contingencies, The diver was totally in the dark about her current state
of nitrogen loading.
There are plenty of inexpensive computers out there that are easy to use..
I teach both table and computer use to all my students
regardless if I am teaching a PADI or SDI class..
Padi requires tables SDI does not, SDI requires computers PADI does not.
I teach independently, so I am not pushing gear on students, also there are more
operators out there REQUIRING the use of computers. So your better off
getting your own computer and learning how to use it.

The sad fact is that most non nitrox divers out there
do not know how to use tables... a few months ago I had a discussion with a friend
who works in cayman, and she sees the same thing that I do, the only people who
consistently understand tables are active teaching instructors, older active divers who dove for
years using tables and most nitrox divers.
Personally I use both, on square profiles both computer and tables are similiar (deco based tables not
no deco tables),on multilevel dives, I dive the computer with tables as a bail-out.

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