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Posted by ptf on August 13, 2001 at 12:15:25:

In Reply to: Re: nitrox banners posted by MHK on August 13, 2001 at 11:32:56:

The Box:

Oh so many ways to treat this word.
Well I will try to pull myself out of the gutter, so to speak.

So this Box is a good starting point. I have yet to see a wide screen version
of a PC Terminal (a Box).

The Box - from which we view this list. Ok so we keep trying to get the word out
that there is more to life than this list, stripping what little brass is left on
the Moody, and doing it with attitudes you learned 10 or 20 years ago. The Box,
that is what you have straped onto your shoulders, some of us have been legislated
into wearing a Box bucket when we are on the streets, but still we can't get ourselves
to see beyond the tired (not miss-spelt) trued (in some ones eyes).

So here is this upstart that says hey, you can continue on as you have done, the law
of averages hasn't rung your bell, and maybe it won't, but here is a way that is
consistant, that requires less effort, that doesn't change, if it is snowing, raining
or the sun is shining. Yeah we may sound attrocious in print but we will give ample
opportunity to do this face-to-face. Not all change is good nor is it porgressive,
heck some of this 'new' stuff is even old! There is even a new thought process other
than gear configuration there is now mindset configuration. What a concept. That is
something that is out of the box.

Some dude named Paul Braunbehrens ( just had an epiphany last
weekend when he thought out of the Box. Kept saying, he would go back to the old method
of configuration. What did he gain? Oops he didn't gain he lost.. over 10 pound in
lead weight. Drop him a line ask him if he thought outside the box.

Oh yeah let's get back on the subject. Stickers. Well in my opinion all my breathing
gases are Nitrox, more correctly they are Trimix, Quad-mix nad maybe even Hex-mix. All
them 3 inch stickers say is "back-off MF this is my thank and you think you can use it".
If the cylinder isn't your run of the mill 'air' then all you need is a contents label,
which will include the date of the fill, your initials (another warning sign to back off this
is my tank), MOD (max operating depth) and percentages (generally O2/He). This may also come
down to penis size (yes we are now talking in medical terms as my urologist wife would say),
The Bigger the truck the smaller the hardware.

yep I degenerated Oh well, lunch break is over.


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