a money making scheme that goes unchallenged

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Posted by CalAbDiver on August 13, 2001 at 13:41:15:

In Reply to: Re: nitrox banners posted by MHK on August 13, 2001 at 11:32:56:

>>a money making scheme that goes unchallenged<<

... hmmm ... that is somewhat of a problem ... yup.

i figured out that some store owners get "short-changed" because of this problem also. such as, if they want to be a dealer of a certain brand name, that manufacturer doesnt "let them" sell any competing products. one particular brand name comes to mind, but since i buy a lot of that brands equipment, i wont sully them.

i also figured out that most if not all store owners prefer if not insist on selling a customer something out of their own stores inventory even if that piece of equipment is not particularly appropriate for them specifically. wetsuits, drysuits, and masks come to mind most often here.

commercialized civilian recreational sport diving and its equipment sales driven economics is at the foundation of this problem. private enterprise cottage industry has never been completely immune from abuse of the customer base. "the buyer beware" is a legalistic commercial code doctrine, slowly being supplanted by more progressive, socialized "the seller beware" commmercial code law.

somebody recently wanted me to buy myself a DUI off the shelf drysuit. i preferred instead to custom order a Zeagle brand one, to make sure i would get a good fit, rather than take something off the shelf that didnt fit too good.

thats just the way it is. as long as i can get air fills, i can deal with it.

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