Mike and Karl's Excellent Adventure

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Posted by Firewalker on August 13, 2001 at 14:11:28:

This is the Firewalker Report.
This week on As The BBS Turns
Award winning star Mr. Huntfield will co-star with Mr. AbDriver in a new feature movie
presentation “ Mike and Karl’s Excellent Adventure (phase one)”. This 10 hr. movie
shows AdDriver and Mr Huntfield stranded on a desert island in No Calif.. The movie
opens with AdDriver and Mr. Huntfield suiting up, both in there day glow orange and
pink wet suit ( this is set in No. Cal.). We see AdDriver and Mr. Huntfield making there
entry though the 6ft surf ( it’s great how the FX department can make 6 in. surf look like
6 ft.). Both manage not to fall and make it though the Hugh surf and swim powerfully out
to sea. AdDriver and Mr. Huntfield are hunting for the Red AB, a speedy and dangerous
creature that can only be caught by the quick and the brave.
A sudden storm sweeps both out to sea, we see our two hero’s struggling to stay alive on
the surface of a monster sea (more FX, the monster sea, not the struggling)after what
seemed like days (mins. more FX) the two are cast up on to this desert island. Exploring
the island they find there dive buoy washed up on shore and a hull of an old cabin
cruiser(named the Minnow...... Hmm). In-land they find a stream of fresh water, four
grass huts, some 762 shell casing, and they also find thousands of marijuana plants,
Greenfield’s as far as the eye can see(again the setting is in No. Cal.).
Our hero’s quickly set to work, building a signal fire out of the Marijuana plants and
hunting for AB’s with there trusty buoy they have named Cetacea (that is the name of the
company that make the float cover). In the last seen, of phase one, of this feature motion
picture, we see our two hero’s setting very peacefully next to there signal fire of
marijuana plants, BBQ AB’s, talking to Cetacea, and slurping mountain spring water.
Phase two of this movie will start as soon as Mr. Huntfield and Abdriver can loose 100
lb. and grow some facial hair (this may take a while).

In other news...Cast member and Arch Anarchist, Kevin organized a PABI (Put Another
Body In)card burning in protest of PABI’s support of commie take over of our local ship
Kevin also tried to organize a bra burning by the local cast members, but the girl ‘s(and
some guys)would not give up their Air Jordan pump wonder bra’s.
To show her loyalty to PABI, Cast member Balia had her PABI number tattoo on her
Cast member Catfish had PABI tattoo on his left butt cheek, to show his support for
PABI. I’m sure we have not heard the last of this conflict.
Cast member Cygay.... if you are looking for a Lawyer Specializing in Personal Injury
here is the net site you need to go to www.STGOLS.com (Screw The Gingo Over.. Land
Cast member Woody told us how to Live the DIR life style......Hmmm.
AADiver was returned to the cast after sending a vacation in outer space. He is looking
pretty good, I wonder what the aliens are doing to him, and why they want him? Do they
know something about AADiver that we don’t?
Will Karl and Mikes Excellent Adventure be a hit? Will Mike and Karl find out who
owned the cabin cruiser and the huts? Will the Fish and Game Arrest Mike and Karl for
taking to many Ab.
This and other questions will be answered on the Next Firewalker Report on “As the BBS


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