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Posted by MHK on August 13, 2001 at 17:05:32:

In Reply to: Who's Rules? posted by Bill Johnson on August 13, 2001 at 16:42:49:


You know I think you are a bright guy, despite the fact that you teach IANTD ;-), but rules was put in *'s for lack of a better term.. Whether we call it rules, suggestions, guidelines etc. etc it's all semantics..

As for my dive and fly *rule*, the only way I know how to answer it is that when I repeatedly asked DAN why 24 hours, and subsequently 12 hours, the only response I received was * it's for safety*.. SO I asked what harm am I being kept safe from??? I received a bunch of gobbely gook, double talk and what was obviously a lesson in *we don't know one way or the other* so to be safe wait 24 hours.. I then pressed the issue and said that your previous position was a strict adherence to 24 hours, so I asked what research did you use that reduced the number by half??? They refused to answer.. Could it be that vacation spots want to keep diver's there another day??? That the synic in me, but seriously how does an organization reduce a long standing recomendation by 50%, and not provide support for either position??? If I tried that, could you imagine the opposition that I'd face???

I agree that debate is good which is why I opened the discussion for comment, and I used the Nitrox sticker as fodder, because I've yet to see a compelling answer as to why it's necessary to get a fill.. It accomplishes NOTHING, and is probably already the *law* of the land....

It's typical beuracractic BS.. It solves a probelm that doesn't exist, it's visible and let's people believe that whoever invented the dumb idea actually thought the problem through and it totally shifts the focus on from what is important to what is totally irrelevant...

CONTENT STICKERS are what is important, they silly lable should stay in the shop counter right next to the PADI patches....


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