Portholes on the Moody

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Posted by Kevin on August 14, 2001 at 12:05:50:

Sunday was a great day.

We all went wreck diving Sunday, but not just any wrecks, we dove the USS Moody ( twice ) and the Olympic II. Two of the more historically
interesting local wrecks.

Sunday was also a great day because we did the dives off the Great Escape. This is a terrific dive boat. Not just because it's super clean, well equipped and large, but because the Captain and crew and divemaster really worked hard to make it a great day.

It was a three dive day, air and food included, all for $ 85. This was a deal.

The Moody is an awesome dive, deep and dark and spooky. She
is really starting to fall apart. We dove the bow section twice, as opposed to the stern section. This ship split into two large sections.
On the bow section the Bridge is still intact, and there are speaking
tubes everywhere. She is a World War One, Clemson Class, Flush Deck
Destroyer, and these old speaking tubes were the backup intercom
system for the ship. I did find some goodies, buried in the sand,
and will be cleaning them up and showing them off at the next
California Wreck Divers meeting. I also found PORTHOLES on her. I was
sure most had been removed when she was professionally salvaged.
The portholes are easy to find . . . . .

you just have to know where to look.

The Olympic wreck was draped in fishing nets, and was covered with
all kinds of marine life. She is one of the more beautiful wrecks
in Southern California, and is a great place to hunt, look or take
pictures. This is a great wreck for newer dives. So much to look at, and pretty shallow at 100 FSW.

Captain Tim expertly dropped the hook right next to each of the
wrecks, and his crew made sure the cylinders were filled, the great
food was hot and everyone got a pleasant helping hand on the
swimstep. Its a class operation, period.

Terry Lee May showed everyone how to divemaster the right way.
His pre-dive was concise and entertaining, informative and factual.
He made sure everyone was aware of the added consideration due these
wreck, with any high and mighty lecturing. He was avbailable with
a helping hand and even got a chance to get wet when the anchor got
hooked on the Moody.

If you haven't been out wreckdiving locally, get out there and do it.
These wrecks are disintrigrating before our very eyes, get out there
and experience them while you can. We have a rich and proud maritime
history in Southern California and these shipwrecks are a direct and
tactile link to the glory days of our maritime past.

And if you haven't been on the GE, pick a date and sign up. You won't
be disappointed.

There is a lot of talk about standards dropping, bad boats,
incompetent instructors and divemasters, not getting your
money's worth and a general " I dont give a sh*t attitude "
in the dive industry. I saw the opposite aboard the GE on
Sunday. Thanx Tim and Terry and Kendall and Crew.


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