Re: Looking for Farnsworth Bank info

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Posted by mike on August 16, 2001 at 23:27:03:

In Reply to: Looking for Farnsworth Bank info posted by msblucow on August 16, 2001 at 19:18:35:

Heya Marta!

the first time i ever did Farns i left my camera on the boat (crappy 15 foot vis in Spring, had to swim 200 feet to another boat's anchor etc) , especially as i somewhat unsure of myself at such a site and didn't want any additional task loading that a camera creates. It is well worth taking a camera however, and there are good macro opportunities regardless of the vis (great for spanish shawl nudibranchs and sculpin pix, also, the place is literally infested /w/ octopi, some are nice and big, and some are rather tame around divers). Wide angle ops are also there, when the waters flat and viz opens up to the 60 to 80 foot range (actually, with a little practice, one can get servicable wide angle shots in much much less). The high spot is at around 52 fsw-58 fsw, depending on the tide (i think one year, my depth gauge read 48 feet, which muct have been at an exceptionally low tide, either that or my depth gauge was goin to hell). You don't have to go deep. The pinnacle is large enough at 75 -80 feet or so that you can spend an entire dive circumnavigating it at a leisurely pace. I've only been past 110' once, and that was the 1st time i ever dove it. There is plenty to explore at moderate depth. Doubles /w/ 32% -36% 'trox are a fun way to go also.

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