Mola Mola!

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Posted by Brad on August 17, 2001 at 11:30:37:

In Reply to: Re: Re-postage about Mola mola informations posted by Brad on August 17, 2001 at 11:04:28:

Sunfish belong to one of the rarest and most exclusive groups of animals on earth; animals that can attain a size of over 1,000lbs yet have never harmed a human being!

Molas eat jellyfish and salps and other such things. They are the only 'fish' that uses jet propulsion to move out quickly. Their mouth structure is suited for 'slurping and expelling' jellyfish therefore they can produce a powerful thrust of water either pushing or pulling. They do not have gill slits like other fish, they have a round opening that allows them to create thrust when they expell water.

Most molas actually have suntans from lying on the surface. You can see the darker patterns on the portions of their bodies that are above the surface when they are sunning themselves. I have seen sea gulls land on them and remove parasites. The fish are aware of the birds and tolorate them walking and resting on them as they sun. That is one of the rarest fish-bird relationships in nature.

Molas skin is identical to sharks.

Molas are the harbingers of spring. They are one of the very first species to show in our waters as the spring approaches. The young can often be seen gathering in numbers. The mature fish also hang out together. They are curious by nature and are one of the only fish that will actually approach your boat and hang around within a few feet just to have a look.

I once say a huge pink (albino?) one off the east end of Catalina.

Molas are delightful creatures!

Very gald you care...

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