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Posted by Options on August 19, 2001 at 00:55:32:

In Reply to: Re: Halcyon bp harness configuration: wrong? posted by John Walker on August 14, 2001 at 23:04:38:

VERY much said with respect. I understand completely the importance of being able to get loose from the rig for whatever reason, even if only to make adjustments that can help stop a chain of events that MAY lead to problems. I DO try configure with that foremost in mind on ALL my rigs openwater or not! I do not propose that crossed is the only way so please allow that there MAY be an option
I HAVE tried the other ways and was trapped in the rig or had to be diving so loose I might as well have been wearing a Jacket style.
As far as NON hogarthian setups (i.e. Dive-Rite Deluxe harness) I agree that the chest strap IF snugged up restricts air ability, I keep mine (when wearing this one) at the absolute end, loose as possible so that it does NOT pull on the shoulder straps at all. I sometimes utilize this for an SPG "tuck" and for other things that need to be secured quickly BUT it IS one more buckle to be released in an emergency and therefore contributes to the chain of events something that does not need to be. Additionally we agree the webbing of Dive-Rite Deluxe IS too soft and does in fact lead to tangling problems far more than good ol' solid 2" webbing (but it's so darn comfy when "T-Shirt" diving!) I'd love to show ya sometime, Not to convert you but to see if there are some things overlooked.(it could happen and I love to learn!)

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