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Posted by GLnSD on August 20, 2001 at 00:10:26:

In Reply to: heya gn 'LSD posted by mike on August 19, 2001 at 23:30:12:

My experience. No problem; certified as a NAUI scuba diver in 1973.
Graduated from college in 1977 attended Navy OCS and received my commission in 1977.

Graduated Navy second class diving school in 1979, Navy first class diving school in 1982 (mixed gas),
assigned to Navy Experimental Diving Unit 1985. Retired from Navy diving in 1996 as an O6.

Those are just the highlites. Did my sixth year on the Doria this year (early July on the Wahoo) and no I don't have a bag of dishes and junk to show for it, I left them there for others to see.
Funny thing is though in all my years of diving I have never carried my *tools* to a wreck just to tear it up for fun so that I could have a bunch of junk or *artifacts* in my garage. Nor have I heard so many people come up with so much BS
as this small and seemingly mindless bunch of followers in the GUE/DIR crowd, and especially this MHK guy. I only hope he is not as foolish and ignorant as he sounds. I also hope no one believes or follows the BS he put out.

BTW, I too do most of my diving solo and with a video camera. I even took the TDI Solo diving course from a guy in San Diego, to see what it was all about, being the open minded person I am. I found that it was interesting and had a lot of good information, yes I did have to show up with the required
and also show that I knew how and when to use it.
The TDI instructor was very knowledgeable and did not give away the certification. Does the certification have any *teeth* or *use* within the diving industry I don't know, but a little education never hurts.

The TDI instructor is also certified to teach Nitrox, Advanced Nitrox, Deco, Trimix, Draeger rebreathers (Dolphin), Nitrox and Trimix gas blending. I have talked with many of his students and all are very pleased with the training they received from him.

As for me, when I hear people like MHK talking about how much more they know and how much better they are than anyone else, to me its no more than an idication of how little they actually do know and how insecure they are. When I read some of the BS MHK puts out, and it seems a lot (not all) of the other GUE/DIR crowd puts out
the same noise and non-sense; it is just an indication to stay clear of them and there non-sense.

Anyway enough said, I'll go back to reading some of the posts on the board and laughing at some of the non-sense.
BTW I have also seen some very good information and discussion on this board, it just seems that a few people (MHK)try so very hard to make themselves feel better about themselves by putting out such crap that it brings the whole tone of this board down.

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